RediCant®: cantilevers

Storing long and heavy loads or irregularly sized products?

RediCant®: cantilevers

RediCant® cantilevers help to store the most varied products in terms of size and weight: wooden panels, profiles and beams, spare parts for industrial engines, tubes, corrugated sheet metal, boats, etc. In short, it works for anything that does not fit on traditional pallet racking. For example, it is perfect for construction materials.

Product features:

  • Available in single or double-sided uprights
  • Choice between fixed or adjustable height
  • 3,500 kg capacity per arm
  • Option of adding a roof
  • Choice of accessories: removable stops, railings for pallets, etc.
  • Wide range of colors, hot dipped galvanized version available for exterior use


All REDIRACK® products manufactured since April 2011 are embossed with the CORNIX® mark in order to make the difference with the many counterfeit products, mostly of inferior quality, available on the European market. Check if the CORNIX® mark is on your product or ask for the CORNIX® quality certificate which we supply free of charge on simple demand. If in doubt do not hesitate to contact us as accidents can be fatal !



Despite the quality of our products and how careful you are, handling errors can occur. What’s more, they can cause significant damage to your installation, which in turn leads to safety hazards for your employees and damage to your products.


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