Optimise your pallet storage systems with our bespoke solutions!

Do you need a bespoke pallet storage system to store your pallets? With REDIRACK®, pallet storage problems are a thing of the past! We offer a bespoke solution that is adapted to your product, no matter its weight or size.

REDIRACK® products help you make the most of your storage space, based on your needs, the space available and the forklifts or other handling vehicles that are in use. They adapt to the height, depth and width of your warehouse. The height of the loading level is adjustable, allowing you to store your pallets, containers and other heavy creates safely.

Our solutions also come with optional accessories, as well as various safety elements that are intended to reduce the risk of accidents as much as possible (frame protectors, pallet back stops, anti-collapse grids, etc.).

Our adjustable pallet racking and other pallet storage systems

All of our products, produced right here in our Nivelles factory, offer a solution that meets your needs and ensure your employees are well-protected. Want more information about one of our products or a free quote?

Adjustable pallet racking

The original REDIRACK® pallet racking remains in production with bolted frames.

Covered storage

Protect your products from the elements.

Drive-in & drive-through

Store pallets and optimise space by 100% or more!


Live storage using gravity conveyors or the push-back principle!


Despite the quality of our products and how careful you are, handling errors can occur. What’s more, they can cause significant damage to your installation, which in turn leads to safety hazards for your employees and damage to your products.


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