Bespoke and customisable light duty storage systems

Are you a professional in search of light duty storage systems? Durable, efficient and easy to assemble, our shelving (1000 & 1250 mm) and longspan shelving systems (1200 to 2700 mm) have an extensive range of uses. Archives, DIY tools, hanging files, spare parts, tyres, drums, cardboard boxes or plastic bins – perfect for any kind of small parts that you want to store.

They are fully customizable, fit into any location (offices, a warehouse, a back room, etc.) and suit any space. You can choose the length, width and height of your storage system, as well as its finish (steel shelves, chipboard covering, melamine, multiplex, etc.)

Our light duty and longspan shelving systems

In order to satisfy all your needs, we offer two light storage systems: the RediTab® model, which is intended for light products only, and the RediSpan® model for longspan shelving storage. Check out our complementary range of bins as well.


Storing small items? 1, 2, 3 or 4 levels?

Longspan shelving

Are you looking to store bulkier products?


Despite the quality of our products and how careful you are, handling errors can occur. What’s more, they can cause significant damage to your installation, which in turn leads to safety hazards for your employees and damage to your products.


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