CORNIX – REDIRACK will be closed for holidays on the following dates :

However, even on these days you can reach us by sending
a fax to 03/825 30 90 or an email to


Annual stocktaking
Tuesday 3 January
Bank holidays a.o.
Monday 2 January
Monday 10 April
Monday 1 May
Thursday 18 May
Friday 19 May
Monday 29 May
Monday 14 August
Tuesday 15 August
Wednesday 1 November
Annual holidays
From Friday 14 July to Monday 7 August
From Friday 22 December to Tuesday 2 January 2024


Annual stocktaking
Wednesday 3 January
Bank holidays a.o.
Monday 1 January
Tuesday 2 January
Monday 1 April
Wednesday 1 May
Thursday 9 May
Friday 10 May
Monday 20 May
Thursday 15 August
Friday 16 August
Friday 1 November
Monday 11 November
Annual holidays
From Friday 12 July to Monday 5 August
From Tuesday 24 December to Friday 3 January 2025


Despite the quality of our products and how careful you are, handling errors can occur. What’s more, they can cause significant damage to your installation, which in turn leads to safety hazards for your employees and damage to your products.


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